gardenist /gär•dǝn•est/ n

One who specializes in botanical decor, floral design, garden design and maintenance,

flower farming, and organic food production.



  • Weddings and Social events

  • Fine gardening at private homes/facilities

  • Print, digital and television botanical set decoration

  • Cut Flower Farming

  • Interior botanical design

  • Consultations

Bridal & Social

Fine Gardening


 Set Decoration




Hi, I'm Natalie and I am The Gardenist!


I have always had a deep appreciation for the beauty and details of the natural world and enjoyed getting my hands dirty in nature. My educational background is in Botany, environmental and soil science. I specialize in soil and water management, cellular botany, greenhouse management, floral/landscape design and arboriculture.



Every floral creation has my personal touch and I like to use flowers from my own gardens! I often forage in wildflower fields and the woods to find unique and native additions for each arrangement. I source locally and use what is in season as much as possible. By doing this I am utilizing what true nature has to offer and contributing to sustainable floriculture.





Image of my Dahlia Farm. Photography by me!

Based in Fairfield County

Events: CT | NY | MA | RI

Private Gardening: CT

Dahlia Farm: New Haven, CT

Custom Plantings per request 

#fancyplants: Soulbury in Woodbury, CT

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